So you need money? If you need just our money please close this page. We do not provide just capital... we provide much more. If you think you can do everything by yourself there are plenty of options with capital on the market. Below you can find a perfect profile of companies that we're interested in:


We're interested in you and your weaknesses. We don't care if you're a single founder with technical problems or smart tech guy with no sales skills. We need to know that you're aware of the problem we can help to resolve.


We're looking for innovation, but you don't need to build new type of rocket or another AI project. We're looking for innovation that can generate revenue with as low effort as possible. We have expertise in a wide range of fields. Starting from SaaS, IoT, Hardware, Marketplace, API, AI, VR/AR, Fintech, Blockchain and more


We love the most challenging stage... when you have idea in your head, and you manage to put everything on a simple powerpoint presentation. We do not need anything beside your effort at the begining.

We help companies with capital, expertise and our resources. Perfectly connecting business and technology. Tell us what you need and we will tell you if it's a match!

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